Motorola Mag One A8

Motorola Mag One A8


Motorola Mag One A8

The A8 is a cost-effective commercial handheld radios, the most suitable for hotels, restaurants, entertainment and use services, simple, reliable, economic and reasonable two-way radios enterprise the right choice, to ensure the easily communicate for working.


16 channels, allows users to their work team into different groups of calls, so as to improve the operation efficiency. Rotary channel knob can easily and quickly through to call group.


Private line (PL) / digital private line (DPL), through the unique PL/DPL set group calls, can prevent the same frequency appear outside interference on the phone.

Microphone/ Speaker

Loud, clear call effect even if the user in noisy environment also can keep smooth communication.


Long battery life, a battery can support more than eight hours of talk time. Through the opening battery energy saving mode function, you can get a longer battery life.


The battery power shortage indicator and the prompt, LED indicator light and audio prompt can remind users battery power is not enough.

Special features

  • 16 Channels 
  • 12.5/25kHz Channel Spacing 
  • PL/DPL . 
  • 2 programmable quick access buttons 
  • More than 8 hrs talk time @ 5-5-90duty cycle 
  • Battery Saver Mode 
  • High/Low Transmit Power Selection 
  • Low Battery Indicator 
  • Repeater/ Talk around 
  • Volume Set

Download Motorola MagOne A8 Datasheet