GPS Tracking Solution

Need to track your bus, truck, cars or heavy equipment? We have the best GPS tracking solution!

Our tracking platform is accessible from any device with an internet browser.

Here are some of the features our GPS tracking solution has to offer:

  • Real Time Tracking

Track your objects in the field. View speed, location, engine status, etc. of the object.

  • Geofencing

Create rules for objects to stay in or out of a zone or route and get a notification when these rules are violated.

  • Reports

Get reports periodically via email and notifications for insurance, service, harsh acceleration, harsh braking etc. renewal via email, SMS or on-screen.

                             GPS Trackingv3

We offer a service which is not to be comparable to others.

  • Installation: Professional installation of GPS devices in Light Vehicles, Trucks, Excavators, etc.
  • Support: Need help using our platform? Just call or send us a Direct Message.
  • Warranty: 2-year no nonsense warranty. If it’s broken, we replace it.

Still not convinced to switch to our tracking solution. Contact us today to schedule a demonstration and a trial!

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