Radio & Equipment Rental

We recognize the need for radios in companies of different sizes and industry. Companies sometimes need communication for shorter periods of time, for example 1 day. Investing a lot of money in communication for such a short time is not sustainable, because chances are you won’t be using it anymore.

That is why SurTel Inc offers rental services for radio and equipment.

 Renting radios or equipment has a lot of benefits. A glimpse of the benefits of renting radios, instead of buying them:

  • You are guaranteed to have a good working radio for you operation
  • Less expensive
  • Most importantly you generate less e-waste because the rental radios will be used again. Whereas a bought radio will be in storage and eventually be thrown away.

This way you help our environment!

 We offer the following rental services:

  • Short-term rental – Mainly used at events, such as concerts, football matches, etc.
  • Long-term rental – Mainly used by companies in the following industries: security, mining, oil & gas, etc.
Motorola Rental 

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