TRBOnet Control Room Solution

TRBOnet is an IP-based dispatch application for control rooms which enables a user to manage their fleet of radios.

This control room solution has many features which will boost the productivity, efficiency & safety of your personnel in the field.

Here are some of the features:

  • Radio Status

See if a radio is turned on/turned off/has an active GPS Signal/last known location/ etc.

  • Disable/enable radios

Disable radios remotely within the dispatch application when they are stolen or lost.

  • Lone worker

Used in situations where someone is alone at a job site. If this person does not check in via their radio regularly, an automated alarm will sound in the dispatch application.

Srt Trbonet Dispatch
  •  Man Down

This feature is very useful when a field personnel with their radio fell down due to illness or has been attacked by someone else.

Our control room solutions include the following modules:

  • Voice Dispatch

Voice Dispatch allows the dispatcher to place and receive different types of radio calls, such as private (individual), group or emergency calls.

  • GPS Tracking

If your MOTOTRBO radio is equipped with GPS, it can send its location through the radio network to our TRBOnet server, which allows the dispatcher to track the users their location on the map.

  • Text Messaging

This enables a user to send text messages to radios in the field equipped with a display and keypad. A very useful feature in case where voice communication is not possible.

  •  Voice Recording

All conversations between radios and dispatcher is securely logged on aPlayback or export radio conversations or conversations between radios and dispatcher

Srt Trbonet
  • Phone Interconnect

Phone Connect is an option that enables the user to connect their existing PBX to our TRBOnet server. The user will be able to make and receive calls directly in the dispatch application. It even supports forwarding calls to a radio in the field!

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